The research is clear. If you want to transform your skin.
You need to care for your gut first.

The Greater Sydney Lockdown can present a bit of a challenge for our gut health. Because of the movement restrictions, we are generally speaking consuming more sugar, sleeping less, and consuming more alcohol than usual which are all key factors that are all guaranteed to upset the delicate balance of the microbes in our gut.

Many of us are living with a depleted colony of healthy gut bacteria. Stress and poor diet often contribute to this. A high sugar diet is particularly damaging to gut health as it feeds bad bacteria and upsets the delicate bacteria balance.

If you are lacking energy and feeling not quite right, then your gut health may need some attention.
Small imbalances in the gut can be quickly and easily remedied. Within 1 week of positively changing your diet, a positive change will be observed.

The question is: What do we do to improve our gut health?

What are the most effective ways to change our diet? One of the biggest enemies of gut health is sugar. The problems associated with eating excessive sugar are varied, but we will concentrate on the area around the overgrowth of the microbes that prefer to live on sugar. This causes a major imbalance in the variety of microbes that live in our gut. Did you know that there are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, most of which are in your intestines?

We know that the microbes can influence our feelings in two (2) key areas. Firstly, they get into our nervous system and secondly, they produce neurotransmitters. This means that the balance of microbes we have in our gut can change the way we feel about everything.

By consuming a higher-than-normal concentration of sugars the sugar may begin to manipulate your eating behavior through pain signaling – making you crave more. If we give in to these cravings our body rewards us with a flood of feel-good hormones when their demands are satisfied. Regardless of the science, what I do know personally is that if I eat more sugar on one day, the next day I have cravings for more sugar. Here are a few words to create a picture for how I see this playing out, envisage a gang of sugar-loving microbes actively attempting to take over control of my gut and trying to change the way I feel. That image helps you in your attempt to reduce your sugar intake and effectively starve them out.

You really only have two options when trying to reduce your sugar intake.

Reduce it gradually over time or eliminate all processed and natural sugars from the get-go.

This means unfortunately avoiding fresh and dried fruit as well. Once you are sugar-craving-free, you can reintroduce a few pieces of fruit each day as it is great for your health but at first, it helps to have none, natural or otherwise.

Neither technique stated above will be easy and only you can know what will be the most successful approach for you. Reducing sugar intake will be the best thing you can do for your gut health.

Gut Health

Gut health needs to be addressed on two levels, by supporting waste-removal and by cultivating good microbes in the gut through our food choices. Bestow Gut Love + powder provides support for both by supplying a fibre-rich blend of superfoods to promote regular elimination of toxins as well as probiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes to rebalance the gut microbiome.
Good luck with your efforts to reduce sugar and don’t forget to check out our amazing range of Nutritional Beauty Products available on this website.