Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm new to facials and unsure of which one to have?

When making your appointment we allow consultation time to go through any skin concerns you may have and what you would like to achieve from your facial. This helps us to advise you on the best facial for you!

2 How do I book appointments?

All appointments can be made by calling the salon (02) 9389 8333.

We also have an online booking system where you can make appointments. When booking online a 50% deposit will be taken to complete the booking by taking your card details. This deposit will be taken off your treatment at check-out time. We work on an appointments-only basis and recommend to re book when leaving the salon.

3 When should I arrive for my appointment / What if I am running late?

If you are a new client coming to the salon, we recommend you aim to come 10 minutes prior to your treatment as you will be asked to fill out a client consultation card.

Unfortunately, if you are late for your appointment your treatment may need to be cut short and you will still be charged for the full treatment, we recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to your treatment to avoid disappointment. Please try and contact the salon to let us know if you are running late!

4. What is our cancellation policy?

We have a 24-hour policy! To book an appointment a deposit of 50% of the treatment value is required. This can be done through the online booking site/App, in person at the salon or over the phone via credit card. This is a non-refundable deposit that is redeemed at the appointment or forfeited should any cancellation or rescheduling of appointments occur within 24 hours of the appointed time. We respect that your time is valuable and we appreciate that you understand ours is too. We believe this will better serve everyone as we spend a lot of time turning clients away because we are “booked out” only to have cancellations at the last minute. By booking an appointment you are accepting our cancellation policy. Please arrive to your appointment 5-10mins early allowing time for parking/finding us, time to go to the bathroom and time to fill out any consultation forms. Late arrivals will require us to shorten the length of the treatment with full charges applying.

5. Do I have to pay a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit for appointments and this will be non-refundable if you do not show for your appointment.

6. Why do I have to fill in a consultation card?

We ask all our clients to fill out a confidential consultation card and ask for these to be filled out honestly as some treatments and products may not be suitable for certain medical problems.

It’s not because we’re been nosy!!

7. Do I have to let you know if I am pregnant?

It is really important to let us know in confidence if you are pregnant as there are certain treatments and products not suitable throughout pregnancy.

However, we can offer lots of treatments and adapt treatments to suit you and your baby!

8. I’ve had Botox / Fillers, can I have a facial?

Yes, you can still have facials however we ask you to wait 2 weeks after having Botox/fillers.

9. I’m having a tan, what do I need to do?

We advise any shaving or waxing to be done 24 hours prior to your tan.

You will be given disposable pants to wear for tanning application and we recommend to bring dark loose clothing to go home in.

Do not apply any deodorant, perfume or moisturiser as these all act as a barrier against the tan.

10. Can I return a product?

We’re sure that you will love your product however if you’re not happy with it then please bring it in and we will have a look and if it is a faulty product, we will happily exchange.

We can exchange products if they are in their original packaging and not damaged.

11. Do you have gift vouchers?

You can purchase vouchers in the salon, on the website or over the phone (02) 9389 8333.

Our vouchers are valid or 3 years and can be redeemed against any of our services. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or any other alternative. Please ensure that you bring your redeemable gift voucher with you to present on arrival.

12. How can I pay for my treatment or products?

You can pay using your credit card either in the salon or on the website using the secure payment gateway provided. Alternatively, you can pay using cash in the salon.