This is a good question and one that I think we all ask ourselves. This inner drive may be directed toward your life in general or in business. The answer may lie within your experiences growing up, or it is possible based on a dream for the future or maybe a combination of them both.

The drivers within me personally, started when I was a girl 13 years of age. I started to have issues with my skin and in particular Acne. This condition caused all sorts of problems for me. I had low self-esteem, I lacked confidence around others and in general, it had a negative impact on my life.

I feel that these experiences are why to this day I do what I do and want to help others.

Most Doctors when presented with a young person will prescribe medication to treat the skin problem, in my case Acne. My Mum and I decided to research together with other more natural options available to treat Acne and it was this time in my life that I developed an interest in skin health and beauty which would go on to become my passion.

As I mentioned in a previous Blog, I decided after High School to study Beauty at the University of Warsaw, Poland. During my 3 years at University, a large proportion of the studies were in the fields of Human Physiology and Anatomy which I found fascinating. This theory was backed up with high-value placements in local hospitals and salons where I spent quality time learning from Doctors and Therapists alike.

Post Uni, I was fortunate to work in some of the best Salon/Spa’s in Poland. It was during this time that I developed my views, techniques, and a defined “Holistic Approach” to Beauty which I carry with me to this day.

From very early on in my career, I knew that I would some day work for myself and it wasn’t until after Immigrating to Australia that my dream came true.

Now through the branding of Sensation Boutique, I intend to make the business the Premier Beauty Salon / Skin Clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. I have been so lucky over the years to have so many loyal clients and they are the reason I keep doing what I do. I still to this day study most days the latest techniques, product ranges and attend many industry training events to ensure all our services are the very best available.

What Drives You

To summarise the initial question, what drives me?

YOU! My amazing clients are what drives me, when I see you walk out of the salon looking beautiful and feeling confident. It further ignites the passion I have for all things beauty and inspires me to keep going. The friendships I make along the way with individuals and in some cases, whole families makes it all worthwhile.

Please come visit Sensation Boutique, I’m sure after a consultation we will have you looking even more radiant and feeling more confident in yourself.

Beauty is not an expense, it is an investment.