Scientists have proven that stress can harm your skin and hair. The purpose of this write-up is to provide important information and steps you can take to alleviate your stress levels and enhance your beauty.

Stress Affect Skin

How does Skin react to Stress?

You might have heard about skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne. All such conditions are triggered by our emotional ups and downs.

It is not just the above-mentioned conditions, as stress can lead to your skin ageing rather quickly. Whenever we are under stress, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released, which prompts your skin to produce sebum (an oily secretion). The oil then clogs the pores and causes inflammation of the skin.

How is Stress and Hair loss related?

Stress indirectly affects your skin as well. People tend to eat fast food and highly processed foods containing sugar, starch, and chemicals, to alleviate their stress levels. They do it out of craving and generally find it difficult to resist the temptation. But the after effect is: your skin quality worsens.

There is an interesting fact that you must know. Our Hair is the first thing to suffer from any stress or shock, and the last to benefit when conditions improve.

The reason is: hair is not exactly essential to our survival, so our body naturally gives priority to its essential organs and tissues, keeping them healthy and vigorous.

When you are under stress, testosterone is secreted in excess, which results in hair loss and thinning.

Also, consuming processed food (which is nothing but poor nutrition) when you are under stress, leads to hair loss especially women.

Tips to Alleviate Stress Levels

You can’t eradicate stress from your life. That’s very hard to achieve. But you can manage it for sure. Spending some “Me time” has worked wonders for people.

Here are a Few Tips:

1. Staying Active and Positive is the Key

The purpose of remaining active throughout the day is to distribute your emotional energies, which can help you get rid of cluttered thoughts and resolve your issues more calmly.

You can also write down three things or events that went well for you at the end of every day, to start your next day on a positive note.

2. Not everything is in your Hands. Accept this simple Truth

It is not healthy to always be in confrontational or conflicting situations. Just remember, not everything is in your hands. For instance, there is no point in stressing over the current policies in your company and the existing management. Instead, focus on things that you can control such as finding a solution and if it is impossible, looking for a new job.

3. Sleep is the best Tonic for your Skin

We have mentioned about cortisol’s action in case of stress. But if you complete your quota of sleep, then the hormone levels decrease. This allows your skin to rejuvenate.

On the contrary, if your sleeping patterns are topsy-turvy, then it adds up to your stress and anxiety levels, thus pushing you into a vicious spiral.

There are body lotions that you can use to soothe your senses and sleep better. They contain ingredients like lavender, clary sage, and frankincense, that produce stress-relieving aroma.

When the aroma molecules are inhaled, an electric impulse is sent to the limbic part of the brain and hypothalamus. This results in a physiological change in the body and the stress levels are regulated.

If you can’t sleep well or if you suffer of anxiety or insomnia, it is very useful to practice Yoga or to refer to a specialist for anAromatherapy, Acupuncture Treatment that is very useful in these cases.

Your beauty enhanced when you work on yourself. We at SENSATION BOUTIQE want people to be the best version of themselves and glowing from inside out.