Beauty Care Products Collection

1. Anti – Ageing and Hydration Skin Care Range

Sensation Boutique Bronte, have strategically chosen to partner with Medik8 who are the world experts in providing anti-ageing and professional skincare products. There are so many skin care brands to choose from, but they either seem to offer you a nice pampering experience with NO results, or a promise of results but with UNDERWHELMING packaging, textures and fragrances. Similarly, you have to choose between “clean” skincare and results. If you want to avoid all the “chemicals” that people are concerned with, then you have to go ultra-natural and forgo the results we know that you want. With Medik8 you don’t need to choose because you can have both. Medik8 products are perfect for a variety of skin concerns, from pigmentation to hydration, the products are developed and formulated by a team and are widely recommended by Doctors, Dermatologists, Nurses and Therapists around the world. Our Sensation Boutique Bronte skin care product mind-set is to “Be Liberated and Choose Clean”. Please check out our extensive range of Medik8 Beauty products available for sale through our Online Shop. Check out the link below.

2. Beauty and Skin Nutrition Range

Sensation Boutique Bronte is so delighted to have a partnership with Bestow Beauty Nutrition. Your skin is a reflection on your life. It reflects the quality of your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing. What you apply to your skin topically is important, but TRUE skin transformation is only possible when we are from within. The skin needs a wide range of nutrients in order to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Dull, lifeless or spotty skin are indications that your body is not getting enough of the nutrients it needs for health, or that a poor diet is actively working against a clear, glowing complexion. Please check out the full range of Bestow Beauty Nutrition products available for sale through our Online Shop. Check out the link below.

3. Skin Self-Tanning Range

Sensation Boutique Bronte offers what we believe to be the best self-tanning product range through our partner Sunescape. For those clients who wish to darken their complexion without harming their skin, finding high quality tanning products is important. At Sensation Boutique Bronte, we stock a great selection of Sunescape self-tanning products for you to choose from that will give your skin a healthy and consistent glow while keeping your skin deeply nourishing to avoid dryness. Sunescape tanning solutions are designed by specialists who closely consider the requirements of salon professionals and spray tan enthusiasts. Our “La Spraytan” booth in the salon is the perfect place in the eastern suburbs for anyone needing a quick hassle free tanning experience. Please check out our full range of Sunescape products online and/or book an appointment for a spray tan in the salon, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the link below.

4. Lifestyle Range

The most recent addition to our product range is Pure Fiji. Our products represent life in the Pacific region, a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients, and traditions that have been in place for centuries – all utilised in a healthy way of living that fits perfectly with our lifestyle and culture here in Bronte. We are convinced the unique Pure Fiji range at Sensation Boutique Bronte, can provide our clients with a timeless secret of wellbeing and health. Please check out our full range of Pure Fiji products online or in the salon, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the link below.